For some time the Church of the Ascension has been offering Jigsaw family sessions, based in our school, at 11am every Sunday morning.

These do not follow a formal liturgy: we use games, craft, drama, power-point presentations, music and discussion to explore the week's Bible story.

The atmosphere is relaxed, with tea, coffee, squash and biscuits on hand.

Giles, Sheila, Debbie and Bill take it in turns to lead the sessions, which have been very varied: the children have made candle holders, anti-slavery posters, puppets, and “What Would Jesus Do?” armbands.

We have a steady group of families who come most weeks, but we would love to welcome more: do tell your friends and families of this relaxed opportunity to explore what being God's people means.

(for example, on Palm Sundays our Jigsaw session can include a procession waving palms, and singing Hosanna!
There may be an Easter Workshop, exploring the events of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Day through craft. Various displays go into church for the Easter period, and cards and bookmarks go home with each child).