Roving Prayer Group

This group meets on a fortnightly basis, bouncing back and forth from Kingswinford to Wall heath.
It aims to pray for our parish, its work and workers, and is open to all, on a regular or drop-in basis
It meets for just one hour each fortnight.

Prayer underpins our Christian faith, it is the special relationship which all Christians have with our Lord Jesus Christ.

When we cannot pray for ourselves or are finding life difficult for whatever reason, it is the loving prayer support of family and friends which sustains and upholds us, and enables us to have the strength and courage we need.

There is much happening in our Parish and around God's World that would benefit from prayer.

Although our prayer life is personal to each individual, being able to come together to share concerns, to encourage and support one another is also an essential part of our Christian lives as Disciples of Christ.

The Roving Prayer Group aims to bring our whole parish together in prayer.

Dates are currently being decided. Please watch this space.